Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stiaan Louw // Joburg Fashion Week // 2011

Oh what a night last week Friday was, I attended the Stiaan Louw show at the Johannesburg Art Gallery and it was amazing. Unfortunately I wasnt able to watch the show from the front row as I was busy taking back stage pictures while the show was happening. The pictures will be posted on my blog this week.

There was some unhappy attendees as it seems that more people attended the show than was planned. People where basically sitting on the runway on the floor by the feet of the VVIP's. Some of my friends couldnt even get into the venue and had to watch outside on the flatscreen tv's. I think this is a sign that Stiaan's return to Joburg Fashion Week after a 2 year absence was something that people was looking forward too. Maybe AFI should just give Stiaan his own huge show next year so that a million people can attend, and each have a chair of their own.

Here are some of the looks from the show.

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