Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Revamping stairs into art

Who would have thought that someone would take their time, energy and effort to look at stairs and breathe new life into them. Stairs are something where function well surpasses the aesthetics of them, they can be found in hospitals, offices, homes, malls, absolutely EVERYWHERE and no one has had a need to reinvent this timeless classic.

That was up until now.

Please can I introduce you to these great creations (I have given them my own name, they probably have much cooler sounding names).

The ribbon

This staircase is made out 10mm thick metal sheet and resembles a ribbon unraveling. This was created by HSH architects and is actually fitted in a house in Prague.

The slide

Why take the stairs when you have a slide right next to them? These were created by London architect Alex Michaelis at the request of his children. His kids are geniuses.

Floating stairs

These floating stairs were created by Florence architect Guido Ciompi for The Gray Hotel in Milan. Kudos.

Hovering stairs

These awfully dainty looking stairs are the brainchild of Spanish designer Jordi Vayreda - he assures us that they are able to hold up to 200kgs. I'd just be too scared to slip through the cracks.

Tight squeeze

These stairs have the space barely the size of a closet to fit into, but this didn't scare Swedish TAF Architects Office, who made this space an aesthetically pleasing area.

It definitely does put a spin on the traditional way we see things.

For more great stairs go to the original article on odee.

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